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Funny Happy Cap Refrigerator Magnet *SELECT VARIETIES*
Funny Happy Cap Refrigerator Magnet *SELECT VARIETIES*
Our Price: $7.00

Gone are the days of simple refrigerator magnets that only support their own weight. Our Line of "Happy Cap" refrigerator magnets hold up to 2 pounds! In other words, holding up a a few sheets of paper is no problem. We've even tested them by holding up a Kitchen Towel.
Happy Caps use the nearly endless varieties of bottle caps and are made using the very tip of 12 oz. beer and soda bottles or, the wooden cork tops of other beverages to make this unique creation. Just like our other products, we cut, grind, smooth and bevel all glass. We then attach a powerful magnet to the inside, add a protective wood veneer to the bottom and then attach the bottle cap. For the beer bottle variety, we use only "twist off" type bottles. That allows you to change your cap as you wish. *Note: You would need to use a twist off style of cap or use a bottle cap crimping device. Of course, you can contact us to buy another cap or replacement caps.
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